Angola-Norway Research Programme

Enhancing the Research Environment in Angola through Capacity Development (2019-2024)

The programme, coordinated by Scanteam in a consortium with Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI – Bergen), is financed by the Norwegian Embassy in Luanda, and has a total budget of 37.5 million NOK for a duration of four years.

The main purpose of the programme is to increase high quality science-based and independent research that can enhance the factual basis and understanding underlying public decision-making, media reporting and public discourse on current and future economic and socio-political issues in Angola.

The following Angolan institutions are so far involved:

  • Universidade Católica de Angola (UCAN), with the following reserasch centres:
    • Centro de Estudos e Investigação Cientifica (CEIC),
    • Centro de Estudos Africanos (CEA),
    • Laboratório de Ciências Sociais e Humanidades (LAB)
  • Centro de Estudos e Pesquisa (CEsP) at The Instituto Superior Politécnico JeanPiaget, located in Benguela
  • Centro de Investigação Social e Económica (CISE), the research unit of the Faculty of Economics (FECUAN) at the University of Agostinho Neto (UAN)

The team

The Norwegian project team consists of eight senior Norwegian researchers/consultants, all with PhDs in relevant fields. There is also a resident programme manager in Angola with administrative and financial responsibility for day-to-day implementation. In addition, the consortium can call upon a pool of researchers from a wider network of research institutions with which the consortium partners have long-standing relations.

The Angolan project team so far consists of 22 researchers at different levels, representing six research institutions selected to be part of the programme. The number of individual researchers and even institutions may be extended as the Programme evolves.

Norwegian Core Team:

  • Mr Vegard Bye, Scanteam, Programme Coordinator; coordinator project 7 “Umbrella”
  • Mr Arne Wiig, CMI, Lead economist, coordinator project 1 “UCAN-CEIC” and project 4 “UAN-CISE” 
  • Mr Aslak Orre, CMI, Lead political scientist, coordinator project 2, “UCAN-CEA”
  • Mr Inge Amundsen, CMI, coordinator project 3, “UCAN-LAB”
  • Ms Torun Reite, Scanteam, project 6 gender coordinator and coordinator project 5, “Benguela cluster”
  • Mr Arne Disch, Scanteam, coordinator project 7, “Administrative Capacity Development”
  • Ms. Vibeke Skauerud, Scanteam, resident manager in Angola

Angolan Core Team:

  •      Mr José Alves da Rocha, CEIC-UCAN, coordinator project 1
  •      Mr Nelson Pestana, CEA-UCAN, coordinator project 2
  •      Ms Cesaltina Abreu, coordinator project 3
  •      Mr Fernandes Wanda, CISE-UAN, coordinator project 4
  •      Mr Carlos Pacatelo, coordinator project 5
  •      Ms Flora Telo, gender coordinator, coordinator project 6