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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Scanteam

Management Responsibilities

Scanteam is responsible for all personal information we receive. It is our responsibility to ensure that this information is securely stored and not available to others.

Information Collected by Scanteam

Scanteam collects a minimum of information about other actors, and the information is always task relevant. We only store information about individual consultants who would like us to store information about them in the event of a future task. Scanteam might also store information about actors that contract Scanteam so that we know and understand who we work for. We do not collect information that is not relevant for addressing a particular task.

Web Cookies

Our web-site uses cookies but these are used only for analyzing visits to our web-site. This information is purely statistical, and is not provided to any other actor.

Sharing of Information

All our information is managed directly by Scanteam. We do not share this information with any other actor, with the exception where there is an explicit consent of the individual/actor involved, for example in connection with tenders and assignments.

Information Retention Period

We retain the information as long as it remains relevant – for example throughout the tender process and the possible task subsequent to that. We clean up our databases once a year and would normally delete all personal information unless people ask us to store their information for future use.

Your Rights and Complaint Procedure

You can demand insight, correction and deletion of your information, in which case you should contact Scanteam at Your rights are spelled out more carefully on the web-site of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority – see Here you can also find information regarding steps to take if you believe your personal data have not been managed properly.


Any changes to these policies will be published on this web-site. The most recent update was done on 15 August 2018.

Evaluations and Reviews

Documenting Results, Producing Accountability, Learning Lessons

Our evaluations and reviews provide evidence-based findings and recommendations, documenting achievements and identifying practical areas for improvement. Our work is based on internationally-agreed “best practice” standards and field-based experience from having evaluated programmes and projects in over 100 countries. We involve stakeholders throughout, to ensure relevance, and realistic and implementable proposals.

In Norway, Scanteam has a multi-year framework agreement with the Ministry of Finance’s Government Agency for Financial Management for evaluations across the public sector. 

Performance Monitoring

Identifying Indicators, Reporting Results 

We assist actors develop simple yet robust results frameworks that show what is to be achieved, and thus allows for tracking and reporting performance, including early identification of warning signals if processes begin diverging from intended paths. The support can be in identifying operational indicators, simplifying frameworks to focus on core issues, setting up management information systems so that relevant data are provided to decision makers at the right moments in the implementation process. Focus is on operationally relevant and cost-efficient information collection systems while ensuring reliability and validity of data. 

Multi-Partner Financing

Supporting the Future of SDG Financing

Scanteam has designed and evaluated various multi-partner aid vehicles, such as basket and multi-donor trust funds (MDTFs). We have helped improve governance systems, streamline procedures, carry out strategic re-alignments when context changes, design exit or transition strategies and plans, while all the time keeping focus on efficiency and effectiveness of delivery to the intended beneficiary groups. But with more of SDG financing coming from own resources, addressing local resource mobilization and the challenges of illicit financial flows, rent-seeking and tax avoidance is becoming more critical, and where Scanteam has a number of partnerships for assisting in understanding what can be done.

Managing Activity Cycles

Programming Resources, Planning Results

Scanteam has a large tool-kit for assisting actors plan, deliver and document results under difficult circumstances: Theory of Change and Contribution Analysis; Delivery / Value Chains; Logical Framework approaches, Prince-2 project management.

We can help design results chains Outputs ⇨ Outcome ⇨ Impact and evidence chains Findings ⇨ Conclusions ⇨ Recommendations, ensuring rigorous application of methodology on validated and replicable data across the activity cycle.

Research and Studies

Producing Knowledge 

Scanteam produces policy briefs and other knowledge products based on practical experience and evaluations done in our thematic fields. We lead a research consortium with the Danish Institute for International Studies and the Netherlands Institute for International Relations (“Clingendael”) that has a multi-year framework agreement with Norway’s MFA to deliver studies in the fields of conflict, vulnerability, development policy and development economics. 

Capacity Development

Building Skills and Organisations

Actors invest huge sums in developing human resources, organisations and institutions, yet this field consistently receives poor ratings in evaluations. Typical causes are poor understanding of context, inappropriate forms of capacity building, inadequate results tracking and insufficient support. Scanteam has extensive experience in providing the analytics and delivering actual capacity development services across a wide range of situations, sectors and actors.

Mainstreaming Gender

Real Empowerment – Social, Political, Economic Rights 

We assist clients to assess the implications for women and men, girls and boys of planned activities, including legislation, policies or programmes, in all areas and at all levels. We identify suitable mitigation actions and advise on how to integrate these across the project, program, or portfolio. Scanteam assists donors and companies to get their gender strategies right and implemented at all levels. 

Political Risk

Political Risk and Conflict Analysis: Understanding Fragility, Reducing Vulnerability  

Scanteam assists companies with Political Risk analysis on macro and micro level in countries, regions and sectors. 

We also carry out conflict analysis. Conflicts may be formalized and politically visible, but can also be informal and invisible, only coming to the surface when vested interests are threatened – for instance by a new project. The unpacking of the conflict patterns, identification of conflict drivers and alliance-building of relevance for the proposed activity is crucial for a sustainable engagement in such settings.