Desirée Elizondo Cabrera


Desiree is a Senior consultant with 35 years of working experience. She has devoted her professional efforts to attain sustainable development with equity. Central to her work has been integrating livelihoods and local communities’ rights in rural and environmental policies and laws. She has worked in the public and private sector, and have assisted many international cooperation agencies, local governments, and civic society organizations in their development endeavors in Latin America. She has strong managerial capacities as well as a solid background in environmental sciences.


  • Post Graduate Degree in Human Rights and Justice
  • PhD and MSc in Soil and Water Science
  • Bachelor in Agronomy


  • Institutional and capacity development
  • Enforcement of social and environmental safeguards
  • Program/Projects design, implementation, and evaluation
  • Development Aid Management and coordination
  • Social and Environmental Assessments
  • Land and Watershed Management
  • Livelihoods, indigenous lands, and community assessments
  • Climate Change (REDD+ and soil carbon)
  • Biointensive and sustainable agriculture
  • Gender


  • Spanish
  • English

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