Methodology and good practice

Scanteam’s core competence is methodology.

Our services are based on field-proven knowledge and the robust use of international standards, methodology tools and good practice.

The scope of our experience allows Scanteam to innovate with different approaches, according to the needs of each client. Since 1990, we have completed assignments in over 100 countries, with a broad range of clients.

Scanteam helps our clients achieve results over the full programme cycle, with:

  • The design of instruments for the delivery of international assistance
  • Feasibility studies, needs assessment, planning and appraisals
  • Risk assessment and risk management strategies
  • Stakeholder mapping, consultation and social dialogue
  • Developing results-based performance monitoring frameworks and systems
  • Performance monitoring over the full life of a programme or investment
  • Mid-term reviews, final evaluation and lessons learned studies
  • Conflict assessment and analysis
  • Capacity development and training
  • Mainstreaming gender equality into all business areas

Use of international standards

Scanteam Partners use international standards, guidance and good practice, including: 

  • Those used by the OECD DAC, the World Bank, the United Nations and European Union, for appraisal, monitoring and evaluation. We also work regularly with the standards of major bilateral donors and non-governmental organisations. 
  • International responsible business due diligence standards, among them the United Nations Guidance on Human Rights and World Bank IFC Performance Standards for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, among others.
  • World Bank standards for Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability.