Organisational reviews

Scanteam conducts organisational reviews, using participatory methods to create internal learning and ownership, and establish new insight.

Organisational reviews are useful to create insight ahead of strategic or restructuring processes. They are often requested by different donors to verify that organisations follow good governance principles, have abilities to follow up their strategies and reach their expected goals, have good Human Resources management, communications and administrative procedures and routines, and solid financial management and anti-corruption policies and procedures.

Illustration organisational reviews

Unless otherwise preferred by the client, Scanteam uses the Four Abilities analytic tool:

  1. Ability to Be: Organisational structure and governance
  2. Ability to Organize: Cost efficiency and financial management
  3. Ability to Do: Results management and contribution to civil society strengthening
  4. Ability to Relate: Partnership and Responsiveness

For 2022-2023, Scanteam is part of FCG’s framework agreement for organisational reviews for Norad. Scanteam also takes on organisational reviews, full or partial, for other clients.