Adressing Peace, Conflict and Fragility



Facing a core challenge

Two billion people live in countries affected by conflict and fragility. There is a direct and causal relationship between state fragility, violent conflict and low levels of development. In response, countries affected by conflict and fragility are increasingly the focus of international assistance.

Much of Scanteam’s work is in fragile and conflict-affected states, working with governments, civil society actors, bilateral donors, multilateral institutions and business, to identify implementable solutions to challenging situations. We adapt and innovate workable solutions for our clients according to the requirements of each assignment. Scanteam promotes collective action, between the international community, host governments, civil society and affected populations, and with the private sector.

Our Services

  • Analysis and risk assessment: Understanding context

    Every conflict has its own historical roots, economic and political causes, social and cultural consequences. Understanding factors at play, external and internal constraints that actors face when making choices is fundamental to assisting parties identify possible pathways forward. Scanteam works with local partners to develop realistic, implementable, constructive options.

  • Conflict sensitive programming: Understanding the role of interventions

    Scanteam assists clients to design conflict sensitive approaches to interventions in conflict and post-conflict areas, or assesses, reviews or evaluates conflict sensitive approaches.

  • Peace-building: Repairing broken social tissue

    Scanteam assists clients to design peace-building and reconciliation programs, or assesses, reviews or evaluates peace-building and reconciliation programmes.

  • Women, peace and security: Getting the women to the table!

    Scanteam helps ensure that interventions are based on thorough gender analyses that identify and address gaps and enable women’s active participation in peace-building, reconciliation and reconstruction phases, and provide necessary protection against gender based violence.

  • Rebuilding Society I: Developing Approaches, Designing Interventions

    Reconciliation and reconstruction are complex processes, ranging from local community rebuilding of trust, relations and livelihoods, to reconstituting the state, public services, public finances and the overall economy. Scanteam works at community levels with local organisations and traditional bodies as well as with national authorities and the international community to agree priorities, activities and the intended results and monitoring mechanisms.

  • Rebuilding Society II: Joint Funding Mechanisms

    Donors are allocating increasing shares of their aid to fragile, conflict and post-conflict situations, often relying on joint funding mechanisms like multi-donor trust funds, MDTFs. Scanteam has appraised, designed, evaluated and compared numerous MDTFs across Africa and Asia, helping improve efficiency, effectiveness, governance and local voice in these complex mechanisms.