Review of the Norwegian Support to Somalia through UNDP

Summary: This report, along with a parallel report on support through the National Democratic Institute (NDI), assesses two major Norwegian efforts to support peace-building and security and justice mechanisms in Somalia. In spite of frequently heard skepticism to UNDP´s reported bureaucratic slowness, no real alternative is found to UNDP when it comes to delivering many of the crucial and strategic services related to governance and rule of law as part of peace-building and state-building in Somalia. The Somalia NDI program aimed to build capacity in the Federal Executive and Legislative structures towards the establishment of a constitutional basis, aiming to make them «credible authorities», working in parallel with the Norway-supported UNDP activities. To the extent NDI was co-responsible for the partial breakthrough in federal state-building – and the report supports this assumption – this is seen as a probably good investment. But effective governing structures were not created.

Client: Norad – Section for Development Strategy and Governance

Year: 2013

Report code: 2013_13092

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