Risk Analysis and Management

Reducing Risks, Identifying Opportunities

Scanteam assists project and programme planning and implementation through identifying risks and proposing ways of managing these. Norway has developed world-leading risk analysis tools that allow for identification of possible pitfalls but also upside potential, allowing for a risk/ reward strategy that identifies actors best placed to address risk or exploit opportunities. This is a mandatory step in all major public projects in Norway, and Scanteam has, in partnership with specialist milieus, adapted these tools to the development context.

In conflict settings, the identification of conflict drivers and alliance-building possibilities are central to designing viable options.

Political Risk: Understanding Fragility, Reducing Vulnerability

Scanteam assists companies with Political Risk analysis on macro and micro level in countries, regions and sectors.

Conflict Analysis:

We also carry out conflict analysis. Conflicts may be formalized and politically visible, but can also be informal and invisible, only coming to the surface when vested interests are threatened – for instance by a new project. The unpacking of the conflict patterns, identification of conflict drivers and alliance-building of relevance for the proposed activity is crucial for a sustainable engagement in such settings.