Stakeholder engagement and collective action

Stakeholder Engagement: Helping companies build real social licence for operations

When companies enter into a new area with an operation, it is imperative that they gain local acceptance, a so-called social license for their operation. To achieve this, affected communities and other local stakeholders should be engaged in order for win-win-solutions to be identified. is particularly important in large area-requiring investments such as infrastructure and resource extraction with high risk of causing or contributing to adverse impacts on affected local communities. Such negative impact might be human rights infringements, environmental degradation and economic set-backs for the affected communities. The highest risks of negative impacts are historically shown to occur in conflict-affected, developing, frontier and emerging markets.

Scanteam helps plan, map, design and implement representative local stakeholder consultations. We assist in setting up structures for ongoing stakeholder engagement in order for the company gain and maintain social license for its operation.

Collective actions: Developing collaborative and collective action solutions

Societies often grapple with challenges that need multi-party stakeholders to find a solution. The term “collective action problem” describes the situation in which multiple individuals would all benefit from a certain action, i.e. curbing corruption, but has an associated cost making it implausible that any individual can or will undertake and solve it alone. The ideal solution is then to undertake this as a collective action, thereby holding each other accountable and sharing the costs (financial as well as social). Scanteam helps actors identify collective actions and set up suitable multi-stakeholder structures to solve challenges.

While generating desired win-win outcomes is often time demanding, collaborative efforts at identifying common interests and space for joint action is often necessary for achieving sustainable solutions.