Strengthening Governance

Scanteam Governance


Weaknesses in governance structures, practices and performance remain common challenges. Improving governance through greater transparency of decision making, more accountability for results, and fairer distribution of benefits, lie at the heart of Scanteam’s governance work.

Our services

  • Rethinking Governance: Collective Action and Social Contracts

    Local contexts require different approaches to building legitimate and lasting social contracts/ governance models. Building on local legitimacy structures yet addressing larger societal concerns may require hybrid constellations of private, public and civic actors. Scanteam has experience in analysing and facilitating the development of such approaches under differing circumstances.

  • Human, Indigenous, Minority and Labour Rights: Advocating Basics

    All societies face challenges in ensuring that all groups have a fair access to society’s benefits. Scanteam has experience in identifying solutions to competing claims by differing right-holder groups, whether this is in the public or private sectors.

  • Civil Society Development: Key for Democracy and Voice

    Civil society is expected to play a key role in societal development yet depend on political space and external resources for organisational growth and development. Scanteam partners have long experience working with non-state actors in the North and South, advising on achievable targets and strategies.

  • Democratic Transition: Challenging Processes

    The dissolution of the Soviet Union (peacefully), Yugoslavia (militarily), “the Arab Spring” all had unforeseen outcomes, yet some lessons can be applied to reduce dangers and enhance chances of success. Scanteam is involved in several processes, in partnerships with academic institutions and political actors, looking at how parties can improve chances of achieving their hoped-for objectives.