Gender Equality

Across the world, men and women, boys and girls have different access to information, resources, decision-making and opportunities. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030) stress the importance of removing the barriers to gender equality: “There can be no sustainable development if the tangible and intangible barriers that hold back women and girls are not addressed” (SDG Goal 5).

Our Services

Scanteam helps identify barriers to gender equality, at every stage of an activity.

  • We use gender-sensitive programme design methodologies. Scanteam works to ensure that girls and boys, women and men have equal access to the opportunities created by governments, international assistance, or by companies.
  • We help design monitoring and evaluation systems that generate gender disaggregated data, to support management and operational decision-making.
  • We conduct impact assessment, monitoring activities, mid-evaluations and final evaluations that document how opportunities, results and impacts are distributed between women and men, girls and boys.
  • We offer design, research and evaluation services on the UNSCR 1325-agenda on Women, Peace and Security to ensure active participation of women in ending conflict and defining peace, as well as set up protection measures against gender-based violence.

Our approach

The principle of equality is integrated into everything that Scanteam does; our values, approach to work and the methodologies we use. Our approach is multi-dimensional, targeting the many factors that may contribute to inequality. Gender, therefore, is crosscutting.