Sound and sustainable management of our natural resources


Responsible management generates positive social and economic returns while reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, minimising waste, and maintaining biodiversity and vital ecosystem functions and services.


Our Services

We support clients to identify better solutions for managing, utilising and protecting the natural resources and ecosystems.

  • Renewable resources

    We advise public and private actors, as well as civil society stakeholder, on how to manage and sustainable use the renewable resources. This has a rights-based focus to land, biodiversity and water, while at the same time giving attention to sustainable investments, value chains and market-based solutions. Scanteam conducts reviews, evaluation and development of programmes that promote sustainable livelihoods in multiple resource areas, such as forestry, agroforestry, fisheries, ocean-based industries.

  • Non-renewable resources

    We offer advice, evaluations and reviews of extractive sector issues, applying value-chain approaches to identifying governance and management improvements. Scanteam has carried out global evaluations of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and Norway’s Oil for Development program, and carried out studies on ocean plastic pollution; promoting improved governance and solutions for better company-community relations.

  • Climate change and eco-system management.

    Scanteam evaluates climate change related programmes and advise on climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as climate finance mechanisms. We offer studies related to the complexity and interlinked topics of climate change, such as land and water management, disaster risk management, ocean management, carbon sequestration and REDD+, renewable energy, and food security.